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Select your own combination of colors, features and functions to create a custom LIO that perfectly fits your needs. Use the selection tool on the right of the page to build your personal LIO.


The base LIO is the chassis with our revolutionary PURE-DC-4EVR Ultracapacitor power supply, DuPont Corian® front & side panels, knobs and top in the colors of your choice, remote control handset, outputs module and external power adapter. At least one of the following Performance Modules must be added to make LIO a functional component: Phonostage, DSD/PCM DAC, MOSFET Amp, Headphone Amp.


NO RISK Guarantee

Vinnie Rossi products are sold factory-direct in order to offer you the very best performance for your money as well as the best customer service experience. There is no better place to audition audio components than your own listening room.

Order LIO and you will have 30 days to decide whether or not LIO is everything we claim it to be.  See terms and conditions


Build and sound quality are extremely impressive, so the LIO would be a cool product to own purely on the basis of its sound. It hyper-versatility, though, give it multi-purpose capabilities few other components I have seen could ever hope to match.”

Chris Martens, The Absolute Sound

Special Instructions

    • Remote Cartridge Loading (RCL) is only functional when Phonostage module is selected.
    • When ordering a unit with a headphone amplifier, be sure to select the type of output jack you would like us to install – balanced XLR or single-ended 1/4″ (6.35mm) TRS. You can easily change the jack to the other type later.
    • Upon receipt of your order we will send you confirmation of the configuration, pricing, and estimate the time of delivery.
    • For more information on the upcoming LIO DHT PRE (pre-ordering), please see:

LIO is a high-end audio component taking a refreshing approach to separate itself from its competition in two primary ways:

modular_iconThe death of obsolescence, the rebirth of lasting value. LIO is a modular system that gives you the ability to add features and upgrades at any time. It is designed for long-term ownership, with the ability to easily configure it for your current and future needs.  Click to learn more

Unlike conventional high-end audio components, where multiple boxes are connected to each other by costly noise-and-distortion-inducing interconnect cables, LIO offers a modular approach that offers flawless signal flow, combats planned obsolescence, and offers the highest value by consolidating multiple functions into one chassis and power supply. Compare the cost of a well-configured LIO with the cost of similar ultra-high-end performance separate components. LIO will cost you hundreds, even thousands less and will never become obsolete!

With LIO you can configure a system that perfectly combines all of your current audio needs into one chassis. When you are ready to add functionality or upgrade to new technology, simply add and/or change circuit cards. LIO is 100% user updatable via plug in modules (no soldering or special electronics knowledge needed). You never have to take a big loss on a used component sale to maintain state of the art.


  • Clean and intuitive user interface
  • Front panel display, and mode select to view operational data (Volume level, Input source, DAC frequency, Phonostage loading, display on/off)
  • Full function remote control included
  • Easy to remove sliding top plate for quick access to internal modules
  • Dedicated, super-low noise linear power regulation and isolation between modules
  • Small, external ac/dc power adapter – keeps any ac noise away from your music
  • User-replaceable front, side, and top plates to allow for the customization of the product aesthetics at any time.
LIO replaces all these separate components, saving you space and money. Most importantly, LIO's ultra-capacitor power supply and optimized signal paths bring you far better performance..

LIO replaces all these separate components, saving you rack space and money. Most importantly, LIO’s ultra-capacitor power supply and optimized signal paths bring you far better performance.. (click for animation)


PrintAbsolutely no noise.   LIO includes an all-new, patent-pending power supply design that completely isolates all audio circuitry from the AC mains power at all times. You don’t need expensive power filters, power cords, or conditioners to achieve ultimate in musical resolution.  Click to learn more

LIO’s internal power supply uses Vinnie Rossi’s all-new, revolutionary and patent-pending “PURE DC-4-EVR” technology that employs ultracapacitor banks in place of conventional AC power or batteries. While one bank of ultracapacitors are feeding pure DC current to the audio circuits the other bank is charging. The audio circuitry is NEVER connected to the charging ultracapacitor bank and is 100% isolated from the AC mains at ALL times. This approach provides dramatic performance and durability advantages over every other power supply technology whether AC or battery.


Vinnie Rossi LIO power adapter and charger

LIO’s universal power adapter works in any country (100 – 240Vac). The input side connects to any standard IEC power cable and the output side connects to the LIO’s rear panel PWR Input jack.

Compared to traditional AC powered components:

  •  LIO’s audio circuits are completely isolated from the AC mains. No matter how grungy, noisy and inconsistent the AC coming out of your wall happens to be, you will never hear anything less than utterly quiet, perfectly detailed sound.
  • Absolute Zero AC hum and noise for a completely “black” background from which the subtlest musical information emerges with perfect clarity.
  • There are no power supply-generated magnetic and EMI radiations that may pollute other components in your system.
  • No need for expensive power conditioners, “audiophile” power cords or dedicated power lines.
  • Super high current supply – as there is no AC to DC conversion, LIO has no transformers nor bridge rectifiers that choke current and make noise. You will enjoy greater dynamics with tight, precise bass response along with more open and extended treble.­­­­

Click HERE to read more about how Pure DC-4-EVR compares to conventional AC power supplies >>

Compared to battery powered components:

  • Super-fast charging time.
  • Lifespan rated at 500,000 cycles (compare that to 2,000 cycles for the best Lithium battery topologies). You will never need to change batteries and will enjoy a lifetime of use.
  • Higher current output to run LIO’s MOSFET amplifier.
  • Environmentally friendly – uses no heavy metals and has no disposal issues.
  • Maintenance free.
  • Cleanest, high-current DC power supply yet!
  • Ultra-low internal resistance of < 0.003 ohms per cell, delivering higher DC current than any other storage device.
  • No memory effects for a lifetime of perfect musical performance.

Click on the icon titles below to learn more about the the various performance modules available for your LIO system.