• “If there is a more innovative and musically satisfying integrated amplifier than the Vinnie Rossi LIO, I have yet to experience it.”

    Herb Reichert - Stereophile (Sept 2015)

  • "LIO has pushed power supply design to the outer limits... a highly transparent and extremely low-noise component that allowed the music to pass through it unscathed.”

    Steven Stone - The Absolute Sound (Sept. 2015)

  • "A thing of wonder... Super transparent... Oodles of soul"

    Steve Guttenberg - The Audiophiliac (CNET.com)

  • "VR120 amplifier …I listened to it play in the most effortless, grainless, natural, detailed, visceral, musically exciting way.”

    Herb Reichert - Stereophile (RMAF 2015)

  • "Most Significant Product Introductions – Vinnie Rossi VR120"

    Neil Gader - The Absolute Sound (RMAF 2015)

  • “…tonality, timbre, textural detail, and finesse and, most of all, tonal density – the LIO takes it!"

    John Darko - Digital Audio Review


Choose one of our most popular configurations:  LIO Integrated Amplifier, Preamplifier, Headphone Amplifier, and our most complete
solution – LIO Deluxe.  Any of these LIO components can be upgraded or reconfigured in the future simply by changing plug-in modules, and our patent-pending ultracapacitor power supply feeds all LIO models with clean and high current!

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With LIO you can custom configure an audio component that combines all of your audio needs into one optimized chassis. When you’re ready to add functionality or upgrade to new technology, simply add and/or change plug-in modules. Compare the cost of a well-configured LIO with the cost of similar premium separate components. LIO will cost you thousands less and will never become obsolete.

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Vinnie Rossi LIO and VR120 are both equipped with our patent-pending power supply design that completely isolates all audio circuitry from the AC mains power at all times for an utterly silent, “black background” from which all of your music emerges. You do not need expensive power filters, power cords, or conditioners to achieve seductive, grain-free sound with the highest resolution.  It’s built in!

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Every LIO and VR120 is handcrafted to order, sold directly to you, and backed by our industry leading 10-year warranty and customer service.  By eliminating multiple boxes, cables and complexity, you get higher performance at a lower cost.  Not only that, but both LIO and VR120’s ultracapacitor power supply eliminates the need for expensive power filters, power cords, or conditioner – saving you even more!